James Juranke
Storyteller | 底片裏的故事

In a plant of instant memories and stories we see everything first hand and relive the experience after the experience just happened. Meaning as such, even if we look back at that point of time we have already replayed it and viewed it several times since then. But sometimes you need to let it sink down and vanish from a point of time.

With the use of film, this is a story that has just done that, vanished from the memory. Not being in view for over a year.

Queenie and I shoot this roll of film and agreed that it wouldn't get developed for a year. This roll fell into the bottom of a box and was forgotten about totally. I managed to come across it only a month ago while looking for something in my storage. Only as a wrote the date on the role I remembered that we even shoot it. I managed to get it developed only a few days ago and not even scanning the role myself I kept myself clear of even seeing the photos.

One year from today (14.05.2017), these photos are released. Taken on the 16.05.2016

These photos are not in any form anything advance in the photography world nor was the camera used to was anything great. But it's a chance to relive that story one year ago. The memories and reflect on what has been seen on the different roads of each person from a year since these photos where taken.

In a world of social media, digital camera and fast dreams, it is important to stop and look back on what was and what is now.

The forgotten memories of a year.


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