James Juranke

James Juranke is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. 
James has been connected to photography and arts since a young age and now works predominantly in traditional film “story telling” photography, fashion photography and portrait photography. Connected to raw emotions and the drive to connect the viewer to a story in his photography. Most people know James to be a “Gypsy Photographer”, free spirited in his ways of working.  
James has been fortunate enough to not only just work in Australia but around the world in cities such as Hong Kong & Tokyo. With this also, James also draws influenced from Asian Cultures, city and movies he has studied in his time. 
 James has been published is local Australian based magazine and international magazine from a selection of “story telling” photography, Fashion work and photo journalistic street photography. In his younger days he was one of the Top 20 students for 2004 in New South Wales and conducted extra High School Certificate studies at the National Arts School, Sydney as part of his Year 12 and studying in Digital Imagery/Photography.

James continues to drive “Expressionism” and connect views to his deepest stories. Follow his world to see more.

Artist CV

Published Work

  •  2022: 26 On Twelve Magazine (USA), All The Cool kids Hang Out On The Roof Tops
  • 2021: Shoot It With Film Magazine (USA), Autumn Road Trip
  • 2021: Something Different Magazine (USA), Crisp Autumn 
  • 2021: 17.23 Magazine,  Issue 9, Vol. 2 (USA),  End Of Summer 
  • 2021: Dappy Magazine March 2021,Vol-03 (USA), Find Me Here Waiting 
  • 2020: South China Morning Post (Hong Kong),  This Week In Asia  -  For Asians in Australia, a collective memory of racial trauma 
  • 2020: Sticks & Stone Magazine (Australia), Indoors
  • 2020: The Hype Magazine (USA),  Debut Artist Gilly Boy is ‘Blue For You’  
  • 2019: Good Martial Magazine (Australia), Interview - James Juranke
  • 2019: Beat Magazine (Australia), DJ Elle Shimada
  • 2019: Finding Figaro Magazine (Australia), Interview with Elle Shimada
  • 2018: C-Head Magazine (Germany), Video Doll
  • 2018: Grunge'n'Art Magazine (Germany), Video Doll
  • 2018: Just Magazine (Russia), Video Doll By James Juranke
  • 2018: For The Wolves (Australia), Silver Bullet
  • 2017: Vogue (Australia), Side Hustles, Interview with the founder of The Pom Pommery
  • 2017: Grunge'n'Art Magazine (Germany), Things Get Better, But They Never Get Good
  • 2017: Sticks & Stone Magazine (Australia) 40 Hours, 4 rolls of film & a story of you.
  • 2017: Goldfish TV: Online Feature (Hong Kong), Evening Dreaming
  • 2017: Grunge'n'Art Magazine (Germany), Hungary Like the Wolfs
  • 2017: Fuzz Magazine, (USA) Colorful Minds
  • 2017: Inkling Magazine, (Hong Kong) Editorial with Koenji Vintage
  • 2017: Grunge'n'Art Magazine (Germany), Koenji Vintage
  • 2017: Visceral8 Magazine, (USA), Form
  • 2017: Sukeban Magazine, (Japan), Story Telling on Film
  • 2017: Dark Beauty Magazine, (USA), Rosa Day Dream
  • 2017: C-Head Magazine (Germany), Jade Chung - Hong Kong
  • 2017: Grunge'n'Art Magazine (Germany), Vibes Of The City Series
  • 2016: Greta Photobook (Australia), Issue 6
  • 2016: Saperlipopette Magazine (France) - Photographer James Juranke X Somewhere Nowhere, November Issue
  • 2016: Wild Young Magazine (USA) - 35mm Film Photos Series
  • 2016: RGSP Magazine (France) Interview - James Juranke
  • 2016: Monochrome Magazine (Australia) Issue 3. (Cover) Photo Series
  • 2016: IZMZ Magazine (Australia) 'Jade for IZMZ Magazine'
  • 2016: Grunge'n'Art Magazine (Germany), 'Running the streets of Mon Kok'
  • 2016: IZMZ Magazine (Australia) 'Jessica for IZMZ Magazine'
  • 2016: IZMZ Magazine (Australia), 'Linda for IZMZ Magazine'
  • 2016: Y.AMB Magazine Issue 5 (Australia), Empower Me Runway
  • 2016: The Australia Times Fashion Magazine,April, (Australia) Scholastic Chic
  • 2015: Stell Magazine, October 2015 Issue (Australia), editorial for label Orocéo Castro
  • 2015: The Australia Times Fashion Magazine,Vol.3.No.10, (Australia) Freedom First
  • 2015: Zeny Online Magazine, (Australia) Double Edge
  • 2015: Y.AMB Magazine Issue 2 (Australia), The Mod Housewife
  • 2015: Salt. Magazine. August. (Australia), FreekÀ Runway Fashion Show
  • 2015: Zeny Online Magazine, (Australia) Dreaming Big
  • 2015: Zori Magazine (Australia), June - City Chasers
  • 2015: The Australia Times Fashion Magazine (Australia), Vol. 3 No. 4 Orients
  • 2015: Shooting Film (Vietnam), May Featured Film Photographers
  • 2015: Kit Magazine (UK), April: City Chasers Editorial
  • 2015: Lomography Magazine (Austria) April, Analog BTS Photographs
  • 2015: Lomography Magazine (Austria) February, James Juranke: Storytelling Through Photographs
  • 2014: Degenerate Magazine (Australia), Issue 2, "Fear Yourself"
  • 2014: The Australia Times Fashion Magazine (Australia), Vol.2 No. 7 August 2014 Losing Memories
  • 2014: The Australia Times Fashion Magazine (Australia), Vol.2 No. 4 May 2014
  • 2014: Degenerate Magazine (Australia), Issue 1, "Clean, Clean, Clean", 35mm Film Photography.


  • 2016: Magnet Gallery - FilmNeverDie, Shirokuro Launch. Group Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 2015: Ad Hoc Budapest Creative Photography Hub Association Photography Exhibition: “Lovers of Photography". Budapest, Hungary
  • 2015: [Places] Exhibition, at The Liberty Social, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 2014: "China Doll Dreams" Black Cat, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 2014: Art in Public Places, 2 Exhibitions, "China Dole Story" & "Sleepy Morning". Joel Gallery Altona, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 2004: NSW Year 12 Top 20 Students, National Arts School, Sydney, Australia.
  • 2003: Boys Room Exhibitions, "What if" Albury Art Gallery, Albury, Australia.


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