Review: FilmNeverDie IRO200 Colour Film

I managed to get my hands on a roll of FilmNeverDie IRO200
C41 Colour Film, hot off the first batch of this film. Yes… before you ask this
is another “rebranded film” however it does come with a twist of the
FilmNeverDie style with an eye catching box and roll and with the name of IRO,
this name simply means colour in Japanese.

I was doing a fashion shoot in country Victoria and I
thought I would run a roll through my Nikon F100 to see how it goes, not
normally my style at all.

FilmNeverDie IRO200 is a middle speed film. It’s great for
shooting outdoors and I am sure it can deal with an overcast sky without any
problem, not that I have tested it yet in these conditions. Conversely this
film handles sunlight better than 400ISO films emulsions purely because it
isn’t that fast. You’ll find that all the shadows are as well detailed as the
highlights. It’s way less likely to blow out.  The grain is there, but fine, nothing as fine
as a 50-80ISO film, but still there was that “Hipster/classic” look. Next up I
will run a roll through one of my point & shoot camera, with a random girl
in a random street as I do, I know for fact that it will handle well under
flash and the colours will be what I normally shoot. Next review.

Overall this is a good film and it will be at a great price.
And Yes… it’s a “rebranded” film, but I will always come back to films like
this for my personal works/non-professional work. Why? As it is supporting the
little guys in the film community, the people that need it the most, places
like FilmNeverDie, Hillvale even Japanese Camera Hunter keep the film world
going, growing and connecting people in film photography. It adds just a little
bit more choice in the market and the best part of it, it’s cheap!

Checkout to learn more about this film.



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